Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mystery solved

There were a lot of questions about my photos on Sunday. Not least from me! The main question was of course on what it was. Not only on my blog but on my Facebook page as well (where I had posted some photos as well). Today I found out.

I went for another walk today and decided that I would take my camera along again as well. You never know, something might have changed. And when I got to the area where I took the photos, I saw very quickly that it had changed and didn't look anything like it did on Saturday. 

The pond is underneath some deciduous trees which of course shed their leaves in autumn. In the water. Where they will rot. Enough leaves do that and they might not all rot completely which leaves a certain residue. Normally this would show as some green goo or algae in the water. However, when the waterlevel drops, the goo/algae sticks to sticks also in the water and form these beautiful sails.

On Sunday it rained and so it did last night, hence rising waterlevels in the ponds. Not much, but enough to cover all the sticks again and show the goo/algae as it normally shows. Under water!


  1. Hari Om
    Yup, primordial ooze right enough! Great ecology actually. Bet there are some tadpoles waiting to hatch in there too.... We are having our fourth day in a row of sunshine. Something's wrong.......!!! YAM xx

    1. Those tadpoles had better not make their way over to my place. I hate screeching frogs/toads! And that is what they do when they are caught by a cat: screech!!

  2. That's really cool and different!


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