Friday, 19 September 2014

What if?

What if I hadn't gone to Bergen on holiday?
Would I have been working in Norway now?
What if? What if I had gone to nursing school? Would I have been a happy nurse right now? Working in a Dutch hospital, caring for the sick? 

What if? What if I had stayed in France as a tourguide? Would I have married some Frenchman and had lots of French babies?

What if? What if I had stayed in England as a waitress? Moved hotel only instead of moving back home. Would it have been a better choice?

What if? What if I had gotten into the army as I planned? Would I have been sent on a mission to Bosnia or Afghanistan and come back a different person?

What if? What if I had been offered the job in the biscuit factory? Would I have been content with packing chocolate biscuits for the rest of my life?

What if? What if I had left ten seconds later from the last stop in Belgium? Would he have lived and made his way over to England eventually? 

What if? What if I hadn't moved to Norway? What would my life be like now? 

What if? What if? What if? One of the most dangerous questions in the world. It's an easy opening to the blame game. I know. I played that game. If I had left ten seconds later, I would never have seen, let alone hit him. 

The game is a two-way street however, even if he couldn't 'play' it with me. The person who did though (Miss Vavoom who was a psychologist I think), gave me the other side of the what ifs: What if he had not crossed the road or what if he had run faster/slower? 

What if bananas were square and blue?

Second Blooming
This post is prompted by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie. 


  1. What a question ! my head is spinning ! I never thought about what ifs, what I have done I have done, and basta !

  2. Great post. Great questions. You've got me wondering if I would still like banana's if they were blue and square. Would I even have tried one in the first place?!

    1. Ah, but would you have known any better?

  3. Yes, the what if game is definitely a two way street, and I know it must still beg you to play! The psychologist was right, though. And no, I don't think you would be happy as a biscuit packer!

  4. What if is sort of the way my Mom lives her sad life. She spends so much time wanting what she had instead of enjoying what she has around her now. What If I made a trip to Norway or You made a trip to the US. I like to think in those terms of What If. My hubby says I am always thinking what if we move this to here? I like your blog just the way you are!

    1. I am trying to follow your line of thinking a bit more now. Do it and find out whether it was a good move or not. Usually they turn out all right!

  5. Hari Om
    What if is the double-edged weapon. Mostly one which should remain in scabbard. You played this one eloquently Mara. Great and thoughtful post. YAM xx

  6. I think about you often and the what if..........
    Interesting post. I think about the what if's in my life but not very often! I'm a dreamer and daydream about the future most of the time.


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