Thursday, 29 May 2014

Twenty five III

1999: my first party as a busdriver, complete with duck
A clever idea from my dad and in January 1998, I took my first lesson in driving a bus. I payed for my lessons, which were expensive, with my commission from my work on the train and after a year and on my second try, I finally made it! I had my license and could now drive a bus. My mum (I have got good parents don't I?) then told me to go and find a job as a busdriver. I phoned around and there were a few companies that I wouldn't mind trying, but in the end I ended up with the company that offered me an interview only a few days later. A test drive a few days after that and I had a job. Albeit a part time one.

2003: a hands-on work course
Those first three months were not good. Lamp post, mirror, cars, sign posts. You name it, I hit it! Until my boss warned me that if there was going to be more damages done, my contract would not be renewed at the end of the six months! I certainly cleaned up my act after that. Only hitting and totalling a car a few days later. But that wasn't my fault. He had run a red light! My contract was renewed and I kept driving. And driving and driving. 

2004: in the Channel Tunnel
I met so many other busdrivers, all with their own (tall) tales to tell. The passengers were usually good fun too. After all, I drove a coach which meant most people who came on board were going to somewhere good. I started off with the school runs. Then the school trips. Adult day trips. After a course on how and what and where I was allowed to do minor trips abroad. And on and on I went. A London trip? Mara will do it. Ireland? Mara! Italy? Ask Mara. I met so many people and saw so many things and enjoyed almost every single thing about it. 

2007: me and Charlie Chaplin in Waterville, Ireland
Sometime in 2004 or 2005 the itch returned. The whisper in my head: something else, something else, something else. I wanted to move again. Canada this time. A whole new experience, a whole new country. Alas, Canada didn't want me. Not enough money (ie, none at all, I was actually waaaay below the line) and not enough education meant that Canada would be very hard to move to. But, I took it one problem at a time. Money first. I stopped spending it. No more holidays. Got rid of the car. Just get rid of that debt. Once I had, it was savings time. So, again no holidays, still no car and still no spending. 

2008: can't remember where this was
I finally got the money bit sorted and had in the mean time found out that Canada would allow me in. But in a different job than I wanted. I wasn't going to be a busdriver in Canada, I had to be a receptionist. A job I had had aeons ago and from which I had been fired because my English was too good. Did I really want to do that job again? Was I willing to change 'careers' again? 

To be continued tomorrow...


  1. Hari OM
    Have bus will travel. That's fair. ...and where on earth did you find THAT hieroglyphic??? YAM xx

    1. Well, I think it must have been on our way back from Edinburgh towards Newcastle. Somewhere. Not sure where really! Really!!

  2. I don't see female bus drivers very often here in Brussels ! Bravo !!

  3. Still annoyed with Alberta for not getting you a bus to drive. Would have been wonderful to have you more or less nearby, although Edmonton is hardly that. However, looking forward to you bringing your sister for a visit.
    Hi from Dick, woofs and wags from Lindy,
    Luv, K

  4. Canada's loss is Norway's gain.

  5. There is a song named "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" that sort of fits your lifestyle, free to go, do and enjoy. Well, except for the hiccup with the Canada thing.

    1. Well, that would also be classed as an adventure in my book!

  6. I think it would be fun to have a job where I got to travel. I hate driving though, especially big things like buses (did it for a year for a job).

  7. You have been to so many interesting places. Your job sounds like fun to me but I am sure sometimes the people can be a pain!


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