Saturday, 30 November 2013


The forecast for this weekend was rain. Which was logical since I had a visitor arriving! Yes, another visit from my sister. She will be here for the weekend only and return home again on Monday. Yesterday started off great: it was pouring down! And it just kept pouring all day. Until about 1pm. When the pour became a drizzle and then stopped. For a while. Because then it was time for another pour. By the time I picked her up from the airport however, it was dry again. 

Our first stop was the supermarket to get some supplies for the weekend. We do need to eat you know! We figured pizza would be good for our first night. So, we bought everything we needed to make nice pizzas. I had (sort of) forgotten however, that I hadn't yet done the dishes and in order for us to have home-made pizza...

Anyway, dinner for us was potato chips and nuts and a simple sandwich. The pizza would wait until today. After I had done the dishes obviously! Which I did almost first thing in the morning. I so hate it. So so hate it! Fortunately my sister did the drying bit and tidying up bit (if she could find where to tidy it) and we got that done in good time. 

Then it was time for the Christmas market in the center of Haugesund. It's not big and there are quite a lot of food stalls. Too many actually in my opinion. But there were some other really nice stands as well, one which provided the both of us with lovely angel earrings. We then took the bus back to where I had parked the car and did a little bout of shopping there. The thing is though: neither my sister nor I are real shoppers. In the sense of browsing everywhere and not getting a thing. We know what we want and when we do, we just go out and buy it. We did however both get a lovely Advent candle holder. So we can burn those candles over the Advent!

When we got home we opened the package I had received from the Netherlands. Lots of peppernuts, tough-tough and white M's. Oh, and an almond letter. I think my sister and I will have a really nice night tonight!!!


  1. How wonderful for you to have your sister there, Mara. I laughed about the dishes interfering with the pizza-making.
    I'm the same kind of shopper as you are. I have a list of what I want and I go to get it. Last night it was a piece of plastic to waterproof a piece of furniture for my bathroom, and a new set of luggage at 75% off the regular price. My big suitcase was stolen in Italy, so we decided it was worth the drive into the city to save 75%.
    We dropped Lindy off to stay with a friend who loves her as much as we do.
    I'm so happy for you to have a weekend with your sister.
    Luv, K

  2. That's nice that your sister is staying with you ! I am not a shopping freak either, I only go if I really need something new. I haven't been to a Xmas market yet, the weather is not very inspiring !

  3. Hari Om
    Yeah, way to go!! Am sitting with my sister and brother now as I spend a night with them before heading up to Scotland - the discussion as I read this was "what's for tea?"!!! YAM xx

  4. How exciting to have your sister there with you, have the best of times! I get to see my sister next week and I'm very excited.


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