Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Of mice and men

The rain had just cleared. 
I should have known of course. Friend coming over equals rain. And so it was. On Saturday. And Sunday morning. But, by Sunday afternoon, the rain lifted and slowly moved away leaving blue skies with the occasional harmless cloud. We did spend most of Sunday indoors though, only going outside for about half an hour. Which caused my teamleader to exclaim that I hadn't walked nearly enough! But that is another story altogether. 

On Sunday night I also started my woodburning stove for the first time. I have never worked with one, never had one and it was fun to see whether it would function. Well, I only needed about half a box of matches and several bits of crumpled of newspaper. Oh, and about an hour, but I got it going then: a lovely comfy warmth that would have had any cat purring out of its skin!

Rotten apple? Noo, fire is better.
Then on Monday I needed to go back to the Norwegian equivalent of the DMV to exchange my Norwegian driver's license. I had already been there last week, but not having enough money in my account and not having one necessary paper meant no dice. Well, the driver's card is ordered and should be here soon, the license however is another matter. I now drive with a piece of paper saying that I am allowed to drive, while they send my Dutch license to the Netherlands to verify its validity etc. Then, after several weeks, they will (hopefully) send me a letter saying all is well and come and order your Norwegian license! Ah well.

Other business we did yesterday: we went shopping a bit. Even though I have no money to talk of at the moment, sometimes you just have to blow caution to the wind. Although in my case it's more a case of gentle puffs against gale force: ineffectual! But we had a good time. The fire at night got going after only thirty minutes, we had healthy snacks because we didn't feel like cooking and we watched another Christmas film. 

Emptying the sceptic tank
And this morning? Well, I had had problems with the toilet filling up again (typical: visit = full sceptic tank?), so yesterday I phoned them to come and empty the thing. Which they did. First thing this morning. While I was having a lovely dream! Ah well, the weather is still gorgeous and I will have to work in the garden today a bit. Before taking C back to the airport that is, since she is going home today. 


  1. It make not take me quite as long to start a fire, but I have never considered myself very adept either. I may get some opportunities in the next week or two.

  2. Hari Om
    I grew up with open fires at all the different family members' homes - and each fire is different! Fire has character and once you learn yours, it will become the best friend.

    Sorry you had rotten weather, but that sounds like a pretty pleasant weekend, none-the-less!! YAM xx

  3. When I was a teenager, we had wood fire heating, and I became quite adept at it. I'm sure I've long ago lost that skill in favour of setting the thermostat.
    As for septic tanks, I've never had one and never wish to, but I believe there is one buried in our back yard right now. There's a sort of squishy place in the back lawn. I hope one of the guys mowing the lawn falls into it if it rots, rather than Lindy, who would be rather hard to rescue and rather hard to wash.
    Having a friend to visit is wonderful. Doesn't matter what the weather, the fire, or the septic tank does, you have someone with whom to share the adventure.
    Luv, K

  4. Lots going on at your place! Glad you got your wood burning stove going. Is that your source of heat? Nothing better than watching Christmas movies.


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