Friday, 13 September 2013

My life 1

Me in 1991
How do you feel about seasons? Do you enjoy one? Or two or four? Personally I like to live through four seasons in one year. Starting with winter, then spring, summer and autumn. And if I were to ever end up on the other side of the world: summer, autumn, winter and spring. I don't want to leave anything out however! Because it's the spring and autumn that make a year even better. 

In 1991 I worked for Club Med on Sicily. It should have been somewhere in Spain, but my passport needed renewing, so it became Italy instead. I didn't see much spring, because temperatures of 18+ Celsius (64+ Fahrenheit) meant summer to me! Little did I know that summer would see temperatures of well over 35C (95F) on a near daily basis. And I am sure it soared up to over 40C (104F) on several occasions. 

The water and fire show
The temperatures being so high, it meant that going swimming in the absolutely humoungous humungous humongous huge pool was only nice when the temperature of the water was a nice 33C (91F). One degree lower and it felt cold! How spoiled was I??? 

I got used to the temperatures though. Yes it was hot, but I only had to wear a bikini to work. Which meant that I got a really nice tan! All over! The only thing I really missed was the rain however. Sometimes the clouds would move in. And it would start to rain. And some of my colleagues would actually feel the rain on their head. But by the time it should have fallen on my (lower) head, it had already dissolved. 

I've got a thing for redheads and he was so cute!!
He was from Australia and so nice. 
The season lasted all the way up to October and early on in that month I got a phone call from Antwerp (my handling office). And they had a job offer for the winter season. Somewhere on an island in the Carribean! Were they mad? No thank you, I would much prefer to have a winter season! So, that's how I found myself on a TGV to Albertville only two months later. To picked up from the trainstation and taken to Tignes in the High Alps to spend a winter season in the snow!


  1. Hari OM
    Yes, he's definitely cute... I like a gal who's lived life and able to tell the tale.

    what a great thought about spring and autumn. I just knew that I missed them when I have lived in the tropics - which is for significant stretches of time. Wonder how I will cope with a Scottish winter now that I have decided to return....? (Yikes YAM are you mad?! I'm such a sunbird.)

    Oh well. Looking forward to part 2! YAM xx

  2. Love the pictures and you have had some very exciting times in your life.

  3. My goodness, you have done a lot of traveling!! Many people think we have no seasons here in Southern California. But we do have the rainy season and the dry season. Our rainy season will start in November and the temperatures will be slowly dipping down to the sixties and even the fifties and stay like that until March next year with some occasional days of 70's in the winter. The summer where we are, near the coast, does not often get much into the eighties. I LOVE our weather! To me there are definite changes of season. But this summer we had A LOT of humidity with temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's. That I do not like.
    That is such an attractive photo of you, by the way. Looking forward to Part 2.

  4. You just keep surprising your audience with the fun, varied life you have lived so far. So cool.

  5. I also like the four seasons, even though my preference would be for longer springs and autumns and shorter winters.


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