Friday, 17 May 2013


I realised yesterday that I had five days off. One because of the national holiday here (called May 17th for some obscure reason), the weekend, Whitmonday and then another ordinary day off. I then have to work for 1 day only before I will be off to the Netherlands for a week. Exciting!

However, since I don't have internet at my place yet, I cannot keep you as updated as you (and I) would like. So, just so you know what is important for me: on Constitution Day (the official name of May 17th) there will of course be the rowing race. Plus a parade, plus a dinner at somebody's best mother. 

On Saturday it will be the final of Eurovision. Very very very important of course, because (tada) the Netherlands are in it! Yes, for the very first time since semi-finals began in 2004, we made it to the final. Very exciting of course and I hope we will really do well. I will be voting for them I can tell you! 

Sunday will be a day off from festivities, unless they call me up and I have to go to work. That would not be a bad thing, since I don't get paid that much if I have time off for a holiday! Monday the same as Sunday and Tuesday the same again. I might hang up the new curtains (yet to be bought though). 

Next weekend will be as exciting as this one: a nice night with old colleagues, a day to the sauna (female problems permitting) and our family day. And to top it all off: Wuppie is coming home with me!

That's it. Why bother with international touring when you can move to Norway and get more action in one week than I ever got touring!?


  1. I wished you would show a little more from your house and garden ! National days are always the same in all countries, lol ! How nice that you can finally bring over your cat ! I wonder what Wuppy will say when he sees the sheep !

  2. Well of course the best part of it all is Wuppie coming home with you!
    Sounds like you have some fun times ahead...enjoy each moment. I'm glad your seeing your family! I'm anxious to hear about the rowing race.


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