Saturday, 13 April 2013

One year ago

Exactly one year ago I first set foot on Norwegian soil. I spoke some sort of horrendous Norwegian, but got the car rented, the hotel room I wanted, and a job offer that week. I visited the Norwegian parliament building (see photo), the Fram museum, Heddal Stave Church and Eidberg Stave Church. And I spent my week on top of a mountain in the snow. A bit unexpected, since I hadn't done any homework prior to the trip!

Haugesund manhole covers
It's now a year later. I speak some sort of Norwegian that some think is from Bergen, Oslo, or Kristiansand. Although I am also mistaken for being Swedish or Danish. Hm. I live here in Norway now and am thriving. I am joining up with whatever I am asked to join up in. I have bought a car, I will be moving soon to a lovely little house and my first visitors to see my new home are soon to arrive.

I may miss some aspects about my former life in the Netherlands, but I am happy I made the move. From small acorns and all, I have come a long way from only knowing God Jul!


  1. Congrats! I am moving to Korea this summer, hope I am as brave as you are.
    Heddal Stave was built by my relatives and trolls.

  2. Indeed you made it ! and very nice ! Can understand that you like your new life !

  3. So pleased you are happy and settled. Looking forward to seeing photos of your new house.

  4. Well Merry Christmas was a good one to know :) I am beyond happy for you and your new life in Norway.


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