Friday, 5 April 2013


When I intended to move to Norway I was told it was dark and cold and that it snowed a lot. Well, the dark is over, we now have more light every day than the good people living in the Netherlands. All the way up to September, when the days will be shorter again. The cold is also relative. Of course there are areas in Norway that are very cold. Like the inlands. Where temperatures regularly dropped to under minus 20. Celsius! Over here not so much. Yes, it has been cold, but not as cold as a lot of people expect and that is mainly due to the fact that we are located right by the sea. 

And this snow? Well, let me just say that the Netherlands have had more snow this winter than we have had. As a matter of fact, apart from the snow we had about three weeks ago, it has been snow and rain free for over 5 weeks now. And it doesn't seem likely rain will come at any time soon. 

It is of course lovely to have this glorious weather. Blue skies and sunshine. Yet, the temperatures still don't go up that much and a winter coat is still very much a must. People are still wearing hats and scarves and gloves, because it isn't warm, despite the sunshine. 

A big problem I have with all this dry weather is a problem I have had for years: dry skin. I moisturise like mad and still my fingertips look like I have done some heavy work. Pretty soon I will have run out of handcream! And the fire departments are not too happy either: many grass fires because of carelessly discarded cigarettes. Mind you, I do like sunshine just a bit more than I like rain!


  1. Indeed at least this year you are more lucky with the weather ! It's dry and cold here too (4°C) but the sky is grey and everything looks so dull ! My winter coat is still in function !

  2. I have a Norweigian Flickr contact, and he posts some dreamy snow pics from the mountains.

  3. Love your new header photo!!!
    Glad the weather has been so lovely.
    Here in Southern California we are pretty dry and moisturizing is a daily thing. I would choose the sunshine over the rain too.


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