Tuesday, 5 June 2012


It actually looks a lot better in real life!
Fed up. That was what I was with my hair. I could wear it loose, which would bother me no end, or I could wear it up: either just up, or in a ponytail or plait. And I was fed up with that. So, I went to the hairdresser and told her: short! Unfortunately I have a really good hairdresser (and a nice one to boot) and she told me no! No!! Because it wouldn't suit me. Which was true. And the one haircut that did suit me was not to my taste (ie it looks like my mum's!).

But all of sudden she got a brainwave, got some book out and found a haircut that would suit me. So, she started snipping away. And snipping away some more, until I felt I was nearly bald. Mind you, I could see what was going on in the mirror, so I knew I wasn't going bald, it just felt like it. After she had finished cutting, she made my hair a bit blonder and now I am sporting a great new fresh haircut. Wash, dry and model. Done!

The reactions I have had (from amongst others my colleagues) were varied. The ones that did comment liked it, even going so far as to say it suited me better than the long hair. But most didn't even notice! That's men for you!

Anyway, I like it and that's the most important thing...


  1. You look adorable. I like the cut!

  2. The cut is great. Cultivate those beautiful waves.


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