Friday, 2 September 2011

Oooh, aaah...

Something I learned while driving my coach yesterday: it's not nice to have to listen to a woman in a porn movie. And while at first the men on the coach were making fun and all, at a certain point I found it to be eerily quiet. Apart from the Moaning Minnie of course! (Who moaned the same in German and Italian. They checked!)

Fortunately I had the radio on in the cabin and was able to drown out most of it. Almost...

PS: the photo was taken in 1991 and is in no way a faithful reflection of what happened during the trip yesterday. Well, apart from me being up front that is...


  1. Seriously they could watch a porn while you drove them someplace?

  2. My neighbour watches porn sometimes. He's a bit deaf, so I can hear it as well. I always wonder: is that woman in pain? It surely sounds like that!


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