Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Everybody who has indoor cats will know the problem: what to do with the kitty's room (ie: the litter box)? Now, I've always had the two or three litter boxes in the hallway. Because I am lazy and don't want to get up every time they need the bathroom, I've installed a catflap from living room to hallway.

I still wasn't too happy about the location though. Everybody coming in immediately saw those boxes and the mess there would sometimes be. But I didn't really know where else to put them. At least not so they would be out of sight. Until today...

This afternoon as I was getting at my Christmas decorations, so I could sort and/or pack them, the hallway was so cramped with all the stuff I had to move around that I shoved the litter boxes underneath the staircase. Where the Christmas decorations used to be.

It's only taken me 12 years!


  1. Good location. Now, if it should happen that you don't move (heaven forbid!) you have a perfect spot for the litter boxes.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. We had ours under the stairs in the basement. It was quite a trek for the old guy.

  3. So long as the cats know where to find them . . . ;-)
    It is said that there should be one more litter tray than cats - so you should have four?


  5. But where will you put the Christmas decorations?

  6. There is an award for you over at my place if you have some space left over to put it ;-)

  7. LOL- sometimes the obvious is so hard to see. I liked to hide the box in the extra bathroom shower. No one used it and the kitties had privacy.

  8. This is our MAJOR problem right now. I want another cat. The man of the house does not want the kitti-litter in the house. The garage is sometimes scary if the car comes while the cat is 'busy'. The shelter says all cats must be indoor cats because of the coyotes. No solution so far.

  9. The ones with a lid and charcoal filters are good

  10. Makes me think of our dining table, I turned it around after the painters left. Now the living room looks a lot bigger and it only took me 36 years !
    I had the litter boxes in the bathroom.
    Since we have the house there are two in the garage for rainy days, but they also use it when the sun is shining !


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