Thursday, 28 October 2010

I want to thank my first grade teacher...

(Imagine me with a tear on my left cheek and of course this FA-BU-LOUS dress):
 Oh, how unexpected, I am so surprised, the others were so good and I want to applaud them first of all. I want to thank the Academy Lyn at Witch Blog for these awards. Of course I don't deserve them, (but no point in telling everybody else that) and others might have been better suited, but I am not giving them back!

I want to thank Mr Campioni, my former boss who wrote in my reference letter I was always punctual when he knew for a fact I was nearly always three minutes late. I want to thank Mr Visscher, my English teacher, who started my love for English literature. I want to thank Vesna, my former roommate and 'boss' who showed me that not everybody is a nice person (she certainly wasn't). I want to thank my colleagues who put up with  my incessant chatting (unless I don't like them and then I keep schtum).

I want to thank my Dad for giving me one bit of good career advise (become a busdriver) after several bits of bad career advise (eg: become a stewardess). I want to thank my Mum for forcing me to read my books myself (because she hated reading to me). And I want to thank my brother for letting me pound on his back when he was a kid and my sister for letting me boss her around when she was a kid.

(to the side): What? The dress? Well, I made it myself! It doesn't fit in this environment? Who comes up with these ideas? It's too tarty? I like strawberry tarts. Oh, not those type of tarts. Right, I see. Ehm...

Thanks everyone! (she says while running of stage in deep shame)

PS: the awards came with the following attached: thank the person who gave it, tell seven facts about myself and pass it on to .... Grab them if you like.
Another PS: photo taken on December 31st 1992 in Castle Combe, England


  1. What do you mean you don't deserve those awards? Your blog is lovely, you are very stylish (especially in that dress!) and you certainly are versatile! Congrats for your well deserved awards! :)

  2. You forgot to thank all of your readers and admirers.

  3. well deserved,
    have fun today.
    u rock.

  4. Love the costume! Sweet post and congratulations on the awards.


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