Saturday, 11 September 2010

The garden continued

My very first garden ever!

You could call it the garden saga, but that sounds a bit like an expensive British soap. Gardengate would be a possibility too, if it didn't sound more garden gate and less Watergate. Anyway, here's a small update about my garden.

After my last post about my garden Carolina (Brinkbeest in English) contacted me and offered her help. She lives in the Netherlands, so distance wise it's not too bad. We set a date, based on my knowledge of my work schedule. Which I had memorized completely wrong of course. So instead of having a one-day weekend this weekend and a two-day weekend next weekend, it turned out I had misread massively and my one-day weekend was last week, my two-day weekend this week and next week was still a mystery. Not anymore though: it turns out I have to work next Sunday.

Fortunately my boss was willing to change my day off to Sunday instead of Saturday, so the gardening date still stands. And that turned out to be a good move, since I got another letter of the housing corporation yesterday. They still feel right in their decision to come and clear my garden, but I have until September 21st to do it myself. If it's not done by then, they will fine me with ten percent of my rent per day until it's done!

Certainly an incentive to get it done... Now if only the weather will cooperate!


  1. Ouch! You have to get rid of your garden or they'll fine you? That's dreadful. Green plants help clean the air, by using the carbon dioxide. The planet needs more green things, not...
    Oh, that's just awful.

    Alberta, Canada

  2. how odd. Your yard looks fine. Not crappy enough to fine. Why is that?

    I tagged you today.

  3. If it's a mess, you could probably just pull everything out yourself -- if help doesn't come in time. But I hope it (she) does.

  4. Brinkbeest to the rescue!

    Your very first garden looks lovely. But not really like a garden. More like a beautiful sunny patio. Nothing wrong with that, mind you.

    Come rain or shine, I'll be there next week! We'll attack the Triffids together. Sod the housing corporation.


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