Saturday, 20 February 2010


Hyde Park, London, last year

A whole week off! We've got the so-called 'crocus' holiday in the Netherlands this week. Even though there's not a crocus in sight yet! But never mind that, back to me and being off for a whole week. A good thing too, because the last few days at work were mentally really tiring. Besides also being very long working days. And spending one of those days at the 'Household Fair', the biggest consumer fair in the Netherlands, wasn't my idea of a good time. I had to drive a coach load of women there and by the time I arrived, there must have been fifty coaches there already. Plus about the same amount arriving after I arrived. Add to that the women who drove themselves or who came by public transport. I felt sorry for the occasional man walking around there, some looked as if they had been dragged against their will and I completely understood!

Now, the Household Fair is a consumer fair and it shows all the new innovations to do with your home. Appliances, toys, clothes, food, make-up and many many many other stands. People arrive with a small empty suitcase and at the end of the day they will return with a small full suitcase. If you're lucky, because bags and bags were coming towards the coaches. On average 7,5 kg (between 15-20 lbs) per woman was carted away! Leaflets, pamflets, free samples, bought products! Mental. And so not me!!!

Anyway, I'm on holiday now. A week of nothing, not counting the Olympics, starting off with a self-organised staff party tonight! A walk in the woods (was supposed to be in the dark, but the sun sets too late now), a hot and cold buffet and old-fashioned games. I will take my camera and get some of my colleagues to snap some photos of me.



  1. I love crocuses but won't see them for quite awhile yet.

  2. Just a weeks holiday for primary and high school children. It is called crocus as it is well possible that crocuses are in bloom during that time. It really is the end of winter term.

  3. Enjoy your week off and have fun at your party. Hooray for you!

    Like the header photo. I want to be in that hammock!


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