Tuesday, 18 August 2009


The day went perfect. I was on time wherever we had to stop and everything went swimmingly. Everything except the temperature of the cooling water of the engine that is. That went up. And up. And even further up! I never noticed it until the light came on and the beeping started. I couldn't get to the hard shoulder (there wasn't one: roadworks) and drove on for a bit more. The beeping stopped, the temperature went down again. When I stopped about twenty seconds later and checked the water, there was enough, it wasn't spilling over and everything was fine.

At our dinner stop I phoned a mechanic. 'Not my department, phone this number!'. So I phoned this number. And he gave me fantastic news: either find a garage and get it sorted or get a new coach. So, I phoned the emergency number. Who phoned me back. Then my boss phoned me.

Just over an hour ago, a colleague left with a bus. I hope he will be here by 8 tomorrow morning. That's when we're leaving for Venice! He has to drive for about 720km (about 500 miles), so he should be okay.

Isn't it a great start? Mind you, me being on time everywhere, the group being really nice and a good bed and internet, albeit slow, makes this day still a 7!

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  1. I hope it gets sorted and the rest of the trip goes well.


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