Friday, 7 August 2009

Nepotism with tea bags

I've got several ways of staying awake behind the wheel after a very tiresome day. I eat. Sandwiches, sweets, apples, anything really. It's not really good for the waistline though! So, I chew. Chewing gum that is. I look like a camel on occasion, but it keeps me awake. I turn up the radio really loud, but I can't do that with people on board. I put the airconditioning up to freezing and open the window. But again, with people on board that doesn't really work that well. My last resort would be to actually stop the coach, get out and splash my face with cold water. And yet again...

There is of course one other way. It doesn't involve food, it doesn't involve noise, heat or cold, but it is quite effective. Provided there are vehicles on the road that is. I make words out of the letters on the numberplates. The words have to contain all the letters on the numberplate and in the right order as well! Today I made lots of words, but two that stood out because they were so close together were 'nepotism' and 'tea bag' (well, the Dutch word for teabag: theezakje).

This 'how to stay awake' remedy has an added bonus: sometimes I make words that do exist, but I don't really know the meaning of! So, as soon as I come home, out comes the dictionary.

Tea bag: ~noun. A container of thin paper or cloth holding a measured amount of tea leaves to make an individual serving of tea!

Just so you know...


  1. Seems like a creative solution: possibly vocabulary building as well.

  2. Glad that works for you. Be safe!


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