Monday, 27 July 2009


In the past me, my sister and two friends used to go to the sauna on quite a regular basis. Every three to four months we would meet up and go starkers for the day. But four women means four times a period, which never coincide, unless you're living together. One of us got pregnant and didn't dare going anymore and then my sister moved to Northern Ireland and our foursome was broken up completely.

Yesterday was the first time in years we went. Not my sister, she was happily standing in some mud somewhere (at least that's what I picture her doing), doing some Red Cross thingymebob or other. And not my friend Cat who wasn't able to meet us either. It was just me and my friend C.

We had decided to go to a different sauna than normal, just to check it out. It had been recommended to me by the former pet-supply-store owner and my sister had been on her own once and said it was okay. So, off we went!

We were greeted with a closed door! But, on pressing a little button, the door opened and we were welcomed by a very nice and friendly gentleman who would be explaining all to us as soon as we were in our birthday suits. We took shower after shower, went in the light sauna (the lights kept changing colour all the time), the Turkish Bath (HOT!), the hot tub, the cold tub, the ordinary sauna. I floated around in the swimming pool, had a nice facial (mmm) and soaked up the sun on the sunbed. We had a lovely dinner, another little swim and then it was time to go home again.

I wish I could go more often, but since I haven't got a car, it is quite hard to reach a good sauna, because most of them are way out in the woods and public transport doesn't always get too close. Ah well, I enjoyed yesterday and I will hopefully go again really soon, this time with C and Cat both...


  1. My goodness that's a multiple sauna experience.

  2. i wish i could have been there!
    might be hard to get there here from colorado and a bit expensive

  3. Sounds like you all had an interesting time for a while. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Hoi,
    and taking the coach just for the two of you, to go to the sauna would be overdoing it. And you'll probably have to take your boss too ;-)
    I have a very posh suggestion: a sauna in your home/garden.

    groetjes ;-)

  5. It sounds sort of nice. The thought of walking around naked, even from shower to shower, freaks me out a little though. I just do not enjoy being naked at all.... : ) I am glad you had a great day though!


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