Sunday, 31 May 2009


You have several options while travelling. You can stay in hotels, motels, b&b's, youth hostels, guesthouses, inns, tents, caravans, your car or even sleep out in the open. Or you can stay in a Rotel! A rolling hotel.

This coach has space for twenty passengers and one driver. During the day you go and visit the sights of a certain area, during the night you could park almost anywhere and out comes the hotel part. Apart from the beds in the rear part of this coach, there's also a kitchen where meals can be prepared for all passengers. There's probably a toilet area as well, although I couldn't really find out where that would be supposed to go.

I have seen them out in Italy with the trailer which held many more people than this, but in my mind, it just looks like a lot of coffins one on top of each other and very uncomfortable. I know the Irish aren't too fond of them either. They don't add anything to the Irish economy, because they bring everything themselves, right up to their dinner. This one I saw in Saintes Maries de la Mer in Southern France.

I wonder where they stay during the night though...


  1. I think it's supposed to drive while you sleep. Otherwise what's the point of making your bed mobile if you sightsee at day and park and night. Anyway it's the extreme budge but still mass tourism option for the egger but pulling all savings traveler.

  2. Oh god, I wouldn't like to smell the inside of that coach ;-(

    Anyways, Evie said to give you a warm noseblow (it's a friendly sign).

    Hugs my friend,
    stay away from the rotel. Misschien hebben ze een aanhanger met een hartje in de deur?

  3. We saw one something like this when we were out in The Rockies a number of years ago.

  4. I don't think I'd like to travel like that. Part of the fun of touring is getting out and doing something different, isn't it?

    Not a lot of room in the sleeping compartments, either, by the look of things.


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