Saturday, 18 April 2009


My mystery tree
I'm not much of a gardener. And that's an understatement. Massive understatement. I do like a garden though, I wouldn't like to live in a fifteenth floor apartment (if you could find one in the town I live in), even with the best view. However, having a garden means I have to garden occasionally. Removing weeds for the most part, because that's as far as my expertise goes.

The area near my front door has to be done quite regularly, since otherwise I get a letter from the council saying how "they made the area look pretty, so it's up to me to keep my own private space pretty as well" or something along those lines. The letter sounded pretty threatening when I got it two years ago. Last year however, I don't think I did much in it, thanks to a very nosy neighbour who kept it decent looking.

My footwear while working in the garden

Today however, I had to do something about the area in front of the house. There's weeds that look as if they could be in a fairytale about the Sleeping Beauty, creeping up with the speed of lightning! When I come back next week I will have to start all over again with those. Then there's a smallish tree-like thing that sprouted up and is blooming right now with lovely white flowers. My tree (the one where Linette took up temporary residence last Sunday) is nearly completely green by now and the other tree I have to keep trimmed to the stump, otherwise it will grow just like the weeds.

My fingernails are a bit black by now, but I'm reasonably happy with the results of today. Still a lot to do though, but that has to wait until next week. If the weather is good that is...

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  1. I gardened quite a bit for a few years just because I thought I should know something about it, but I haven't done much lately.


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