Monday, 23 February 2009


Well, I'm back from London. Where only two weeks ago, England was more or less covered by snow, this weekend it was a far and distant memory. It was beautiful weather. Sunny and quite warm, 14 degrees Celsius. The hats and scarves were immediately replaced by short sleeved shirts and on a couple of occasions even shorts (must have been Americans). The picture is of crocusses in Hyde Park. The daffodils were also coming up, but not blooming yet.

On Saturday morning I had to do a tour of London, giving out information about history, use etc etc. In the afternoon I was off and could do my own thing. And at night I had to do a light tour, which is quite silly really, since half of the buildings and monuments aren't nicely lit or lit at all!

The people on board were a nice mix: the three oldest were nearing 80 and the youngest was about 13. Everyone had a good time: either shopping to their hearts content or doing the sights. Of course the lovely weather helped a great deal. Spending a whole day in London while it's bucketing down with rain is not something I recommend.

In May I will be showing my parents (and sister, but she's come with me before) and a lot of friends London. I'm looking forward to it...

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